Greater Dartmoor Leaf Grant Application – Success!

Dartmoor National Park

Greater Dartmoor LEAF

Greater Dartmoor Local Enterprise Action Fund

2015 – 2020

Update:  Our bid has been successful.  Thank you LEAF.

The LEAF programme has successfully allocated all available funds and and is now currently closed to applications. It may reopen if further funds become available – follow the DR Company to hear any announcements.

The Greater Dartmoor LEAF Programme has received over £2m of new funding for the Greater Dartmoor area for the period 2015-2020. This rural grant programme for Dartmoor and its hinterland is focussed on the creation of jobs and growth.  Its main areas of support are:

  • Farming – support for farm diversification / increasing productivity
  • Forestry – support for increasing productivity and processing
  • Enterprise – creation or development of micro and small businesses
  • Tourism / Rural Services / Cultural & Heritage activity

The Local Development Strategy for 2015-20 gives more detail on how the fund supports delivery of these priority areas.  A list of the parishes in the Greater Dartmoor area can be found below.

The programme is managed by the DR Company, with grant decisions being made by the GD LEAF Partnership Board which consists of a wide range of public, private and social enterprise representatives including the DNPA.