RSPB at the Gardens Friday, 28 July

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is coming to Stone Lane Gardens for the day on Friday, 28 July. The RSPB will bring a display tent and plenty of literature to both inform and entertain. Their experts will be at the Gardens to answer your birding questions and to promote the work of the RSPB from 10am onwards. The tea room and tea garden will be open from 11am till 4pm for refreshments.

Did you know that Stone Lane Gardens has a large and thriving population of Swallows which have nested in our old barns for many years? As an arboreal garden, we have many native and regularly visiting bird species in our plantations and in the meadows throughout the estate. In recent years Skylarks have been heard again over our newly opened wildflower meadows.

Why not bring your your binoculars and do some ‘twitching’ with us?