Stone Lane Gardens

Charity no 1141252

trustees and paul at private view

Some of the original Trustees at the opening of the 2011 Sculpture Exhibition: Sue Fisher, John Barford, June Ashburner, Paul Bartlett (garden manager), Pru Barnes, Mary Gretton and Duncan Rice (photo: Jill Pendleton)

The charity has five Trustees:

  • Georgina Craig
  • Tim Imrie
  • Lucilla Spencer-Phillips
  • Graham Gilbert
  • Keith Rushforth

The charity was officially registered on 8th April 2011.

We are a Charitable Company limited by guarantee. Our Company no. is 07398115.

The charity has one full-time employee, our Garden Manager Paul Bartlett.
We  have some dedicated volunteers who help with day to day tasks and at events. Other self-employed workers are hired for occasional tasks.

If you wish to contact the Trustees, please either use the on-line form found in the ‘Visit us’ section or phone Paul Bartlett on 01647 231311.