Give a friend or relation something a bit different and, we like to think, more than a bit special.

You can choose from :

  • Gift ‘Friends’ membership or
  • The Gift of a tree

Gift ‘Friends’ membership

Give a whole year of pleasure with membership of ‘Friends of Stone Lane Gardens’, which gives unlimited visits, invitations to exclusive events, and our newsletter.

We will send them a welcome pack, enclosed in a card with your personal greeting written inside.

They get a lovely gift….and you will have helped by supporting our Garden.

Click here to buy a gift membership.

The Gift of a tree

A tree is an amazing living thing. It will be enjoyed for many, many years. By generations. A birch tree suits almost every garden with beauty in every season.

Gift Voucher
We recommend that you let your friend choose their tree, by giving a Gift Voucher that they can use either in our On-line shop or by contacting us. We will send them a card with your personal greeting written inside, along with a copy of our Nursery catalogue. To buy a Gift Voucher, please contact us and we will arrange this for you.

Alternatively you can select the tree yourself, to be delivered to you or direct to your friend. To buy a tree, visit our on-line shop.