News from Stone Lane Gardens

The blast of heat and parched ground that was summer 2022 is a memory but there was still a little warmth in the sun as the leaves fell, against vivid blue skies, for our October National Garden Scheme Open Days!

Firstly, welcome to all Friends old and new.  Secondly, if you are anywhere within reach, there is still time for a last visit to the Sculpture Exhibition and tea room before both close for this season on 31st October.

Last chances to enjoy the 2022 Sculptures

Get in touch if you can join us for a Friends’ farewell tour to Sculpture 2022. Plus, read on for links to photos and beautiful short videos to enjoy this year’s artists in the garden, right now, from where you are.

Welcoming sculpture is one part of the garden’s story, Paul’s updates on work behind the scenes keep our feet on the ground.


This month, we also dive down into the leaf litter with Liz’s fungus focus and then out into the world via some awe inspiring moments from Paul’s Greenland research trip.

For some, the garden is also a place of calm and restoration. We hope to learn more about this important aspect as part of an MSc project exploring trees and well being.