Feeling Festive

Welcome to our winter newsletter.

As the year draws to an end, we’ve been reflecting on all that has been achieved in 2023. Unusually for an arboretum, we witnessed a big and instant (comparative to planting trees) transformation, in the form of the Tearoom garden. As mentioned in our last newsletter, early in 2023 we set to work re-landscaping the refreshments area. It has been a treat to watch it establish and flourish over the summer months, and whilst the change is significant you may notice a few little nods to the main garden within the planting, like the Acanthus Mollis that we relocated from a spot in the woodland garden where it wasn’t growing well. It is now thriving along with the other new additions; grasses, hydrangeas, salvias and one of our very own birch trees too. Similarly the Cotoneaster and Philadelphus, which were already established shrubs, have remained in place.