Betula ermanii (Erman’s Birch tree)

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betula ermaniibetula ermaniibetula ermaniibetula ermanii

Betula ermanii is a lovely stately tree, very much in demand due to the outstanding, freely peeling bark; which is a smooth creamy orange. The lenticels on the trunks are very striking – they seem to swirl round the trunk and coalesce. Autumn leaf colour is always a rich orange.
Will grow in well-drained soils but will achieve greater stature in a more moist area.

Betula ermanii grown on their own roots (as opposed to grafted) are best planted when small to avoid too much root disturbance on transplanting. Our plants are supplied as 2 foot high seedlings in pots.

Source: Mt. Goyo, North Honshu, Japan.

Height: 12-18 metres, extensive spreading crown.