Betula utilis ‘Forest Blush’ (Himalayan Birch tree)

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betula utilis 'Forest blush'betula utilis 'Forest Blush'betula utilis 'Forest Blush'Betula utilis 'Forest Blush'


A fine ornamental tree with superb bark, slender growth and light shade. Betula utilis ‘Forest Blush’ has a reddish orange bark, overlain with a really prominent bloom of white betulin, which gives some trees an almost white appearance. One of our paler utilis, which looks very effective in closely planted groups.

The glossy, smooth bark peels freely in sheets and scrolls; particularly effective when backlit by the low winter sun. As a species, Betula utilis are beautiful and much under-rated trees.


Height: 9-15 metres, lightly spreading crown.


Source: Yunnan province, China. Collection no F19505