00: Mycelium Connection please take off your shoes 

About Mycelium Connection/please take off your shoes  

Carved Cornish granite – Donated by Caradon Granite 

Inspired by the form of the mycelium hyphae and the magic that is the Spitzenkorper this piece shows the myriad connections and intereactions the mycelium make, it then moves on to microbes, the human gut biome, the vagus nerve and reaching up to and out of the brain through speech, thought and comprehension.  My aim with this piece is to invite people to see that we are a part of nature, indivisibly connected and taking off our shoes and feeling the earth beneath our feet is a good way to re-establish that.  

Mike Blow 

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Mike Blow

About Mike 

Initially inspired by the stone carvings of the Shona sculptors of Zimbabwe I trained as a stone mason at Bath College and completed an apprenticeship at Gloucester Cathedral. I had a 22 year career as a stone mason and maker. I am a member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors and have exhibited in the RWA and London with pieces in the private collection of the Wellcome Trust and Bristol University. I love traditional tooling techniques and enjoy trying to capture movement in stone. Geometry, science and the natural world are all strong influences on my work.