02: Earth Mother

Earth Mother was inspired by a group life study of a Mum with her 3 month infant. I started firstly with drawing various perspectives. On the second day I used modelling wax over a metal armature to make a machete 30cm high sculpture. I later created this 60cm high figure based on the machette- accentuating the protective abundance of the mothers body & her tenderness towards her vulnerable delicate infant at peace in her arms .

Bronze resin 60 x 45cm


Ani Buckland

While I started making pots and lamps in the ceramics department at university my epiphany moment was when I did a life study figurative sculpture workshop.

While based on a classical approach of observational life study, human and animal, I studied anatomy based sculpture during the pandemic. I love understanding the underlying structure of form and strive to make my most “authentic” work .

Captivated by the intricate beauty of form I seek to express and celebrate what I see and love.

Using, clay or wax for modelling machetes or plaster & scrim to make larger works.

Inspired by Greek Classical through Rodin to contemporary sculptors from early 20thc ie. Elizabeth Frink, Barbara Hepworth,Henry Moore, Gill.

I have exhibited regularly with Southwest Sculptors and fellow 2D artists since 2013.

I hope that my work may comfort, delight and encourage others.