02: Undefined Forms

A group of five carved Dartmoor stones, which are set in the ground in such a manner as to look naturalistic. The randomness of rock in the landscape includes pieces that have somehow become enmeshed in the peat and turf. This appeals to me as the rock is unpretentious and hidden, and one’s imagination works overtime trying to work out what the shape of the hidden piece is. The brain tries to work out the boundaries of form. On Dartmoor, some of the exposed stone has history and was put there by man. In the later Neolithic and early part of the Bronze age man built stone rows and circles on Dartmoor. It is not always certain whether a piece of stone is random or placed.


David Newman 

About David

I worked as a general practitioner for many years and was involved in life class and wood sculpture at evening classes. On retirement in 2007, I had tuition in stone carving, and joined the Southwest Sculptor’s Association.  I have exhibited in many locations in the south west and have had both public and private commissions.  I live on Dartmoor, having moved to the Southwest in 2007.