03: Kate Lyons Miller

About Reclaim  

Jars made in locally sourced clays, designed to decompose during the exhibition.  

Sitting by the fire, not too far from the stream, peaceful, days end. Children had been playing with handfuls of mud, making little creatures, and tiny representations of boulder built houses, roofed with an exquisite thatch of fern and grasses. Sleepy now, huddled up, grubby and content.She wanted to sleep too, but the fire was hot, too hot to leave unwatched. She took handfuls of the children’s mud and dropped it onto the glowing embers, hiss and spit. 

Now all would be safe.  

Dawn. A soft glow peeping through the smoke hole. The round hut still sleepy and quiet. The fire a warm presence still, encased in a hot cloak of mud. The mud was different now, hardened and cracked, but in the same shape it had made when it dropped on the round river stones. A child’s little creature was there too, still intact and somehow stronger. The mud shape was pleasing, so she kept it carefully, with the little creature, placing it in a crevice in the wall. 

Some time later, the same sequence, and perhaps again and again. 

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Kate Lyons Miller 

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Kate Lyons Miller

About Kate 

Kate was awarded a BA Hons in Ceramics at Plymouth College of Art in the summer of 2016 and an MA at Bath School of Art 2020. She has been exhibiting locally. She lives, works and teaches at Holwell, on Dartmoor.