05: Soiled

About Soiled

The bowls create an illusion of almost fungi like objects growing from a tree, alluding to the often devastating effect of some types of fungus. This sculpture is intended to be an interesting piece which arouses curiosity, but on further examination has the potential for personal consideration of how and what we consume. The porcelain bowls question the potential for a vessel to imbue value on its contents whilst the element of multiplicity suggests the possibility for a collective understanding to effect cumulative behavioural change.

Price £500

Trisha Filor

About Trisha

Trisha graduated with a first class degree in Fine Art from Plymouth University in the summer of 2020. Her practice is multi-disciplinary with a focus largely on clay and the natural world. She believes that art can be a revealing means of communication, possibly even with the potential to translate scientific facts by creating an environment that allows for contemplation and personal reflection. Especially interested in making as a response to a place or an issue, she lives and works nearby in Spreyton.

Trisha filor