06: Slipping Away

This sculpture is no 5 of a limited edition of 10.

It features 5 sections of orangutan heads diminishing into the ground as they ‘slip away’, symbolising the endangered status of these beautiful primates.

Each section is cast in Ciment Fondu. Iron Patina.

92 x 180 x 27cm


Bev Knowlden

I sculpt portrait heads of humans and animals in clay and the finished models are cast in materials such as resin or cement. I often combine other materials into my casts including jute, wood and reclaimed metal.

I have developed a unique fragmented style for many of my sculptures that have been described as ‘unsettling’, ‘haunting’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘thought provoking’.

Gravitating towards theatricality & experimentation, the end results are often unconventional, bold compositions.