07: Soul Adventurer 

About Soul Adventurer 


The name comes from a Bob Marley song which suggests a readiness to look outside the self. ‘Soul Adventurer’ embodies connectivity in two ways. Firstly, her female form. As human beings, we are inter-connected in many different ways and are hard-wired to look for connections with others. This includes projecting emotions and stories onto inanimate objects. Secondly, she is literally formed from the earth on which we stand. Her colour, texture and solidity connect her to nature and to natural things. While her name suggests philosophical flights, her form unites her in physical terms with the ground, the stones, the plants, the trees. This is reinforced through the scraped textures which suggest ancient rocks and surface colour which has a look of lichen on stones. Hand built using coils with slips and oxides on the surface.

Eilean Eland 

Price £1750 

Eilean Eland

About Eilean 

I have a degree in Fine Art (Sculpture). I taught sculpture in schools, colleges and museums before moving to the Department of Museum Studies University of Leicester where I eventually became Professor of Museum Studies. I also established a sculpture studio in the Department of Adult Education. Since 2006 I have returned to sculpture, specifically ceramic sculpture. I exhibit in the South West.