08: Tentative Search for the Lucid

About A Tentative Search for the Lucid 

Copper, other metal and stone 

A conversation between two minds and two materials: metal and stone. The metal element is an old small copper boiler that Leigh found which has acquired a beautifully eroded patina. The other – a Polyphant stone that Leigh received from a friend. Both objects are fragments of the time that passed us – boilers are no longer made from such a thick copper and the stone is now rare as the quarry at Polyphant has run out. This stone was originally part of the window mullions of old Paul church near Mousehole and was given to Leigh’s friend Alice by the vicar when they were replaced. This gives us connections within time.

The main intention of this sculpture was to collaborate, let each other be lead, by the found materials and to spend time with the idea of connectivity and bonding. Both of us feel that the world is becoming more divided, and it is vital to re-find those lost connections between  communities, countries and cultures and relationships. Through awareness of how we are all intertwined in the world, we can help to create a less secluded, wiser, happier community in the future.  

Silvija Vaitiekunaite and Leigh Jacobs 

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Vaitiekunaite & Jacobs 

About Silvija and Leigh 

Silvija Vaitiekūnaitė is an artist currently living and studying (Fine Art BA) in Falmouth. Her practice revolves around experimenting with different materials (sand, latex, wood, coffee, metal, clay), investigating the modern relationship between human and nature, and capturing the essence of vibrant growth and decay. 

Leigh Jacobs is an artist in his third year as a mature student at Falmouth studying Fine Art. Once being a Lighthouse keeper, he has felt deep connections with the sea. He has carved stone and wood for many years, as an antique restorer, as well as making his own sculpture. Currently he has been stretching old boundaries and been creating more abstract work.