09: Molten Vessels

A series of carved bowls made from volcanic rock, inspired by an artifact at the RAMM museum. The carved replicas of the bowl are filled with handmade watercolour pigments, made of the same stone. The watercolour paint is activated by the rain – becoming lava-like red/brown in colour. Visitors are invited to use the paint to make paintings on site, sat next to the bowls which are in situ. The bowls are placed in different locations to give the viewer/painter different perspectives of the landscape to respond to, their paintings imbued with the earth they’re sat on.


Crater £170,

Core £210,

Batholith £250,

Cone £290 

Erika Cann

About Erika

I graduated from an undergraduate degree in Fine Art at the Ruskin School of Art (Oxford University) in 2021. Since graduating, I have moved back to my home in Exeter, Devon to live and work. My practice is located in the geological landscapes of the area, exploring historical and contemporary narratives across a variety of media. I’m an advocate for public access to nature and have recently been awarded a New Perspectives Bursary from Campaign for National Parks to use my art practice to engage local communities with public transport access to Dartmoor National Park.