10: Promise

About Promise

Porcelain birch seeds with 22ct gold detailing

Inspired by the positive and intrepid nature of pioneer species, this sculptural installation is made of 69 hand-formed porcelain Birch seeds, echoing the 69 species of Birch at Stone Lane Gardens. They create a sense of the promise and potential that abounds in nature, and its insatiable drive to keep growing.

Price £1,200

Alice Clough

About Alice

Based in East Cornwall, Alice has been making and exhibiting locally over the past 2 years. With a background in archaeology she likens her practice to excavation, with works including sculpture, installation, ceramics and photography. Alice’s work often has a ritualistic element, using placement and repetition to create museum-like inventories or materialise personal rites. She is particularly interested in the crossovers between contemporary art and archaeological practice.

Alice Clough