11: Searching for the Colour of the Universe

About Searching for the colour of the universe 

Perspex with a concrete base. 

Inspired by the findings of Karl Glazebrook from John Hopkins university in 2002 when he wrongly published that the colour of the universe is pale turquoise before three months later amending his findings to beige. By exploring how we connect to our environment this installation aims to use volume of colour to act as mediator between viewer, space and object to encourage the act of slow looking, where we become aware of and explore how we relate to the intangible experience of being in the landscape. 

Vanessa Allen 

Price £1200 for the set £120 each 


Vanessa Allan

About  Vanessa

Vanessa is an early career artist having graduated from Plymouth College of Art in 2018. Her practice is concerned with research into space and place, creating work that explores an ever changing visual re-formation and regeneration through the playful act of viewing itself.