15: Corral

Built from jesmonite and non toxic fibreglass bandage, coated in clear resin they sparkle in the light.These cages explore feelings around my sense of place in this society. Woven into the fabric of my sculptures are individual fears and anxieties of motherhood: the idea of giving things up, a lack of autonomy. These lie within and over my fear and anger at fixedsocial or political systems that are still predominantly not willing and therefore not able to change.These traps appear to be empty. However, this emptiness isn’t comforting. It draws attention to a system that relies heavily on its own invisibility for its preservation


Alice Freeman

About Alice

Born in St Ives, Cornwall in 1991. I moved to London in 2008, to study a Foundation at Byam Shaw School of Art. I Completed a Drawing and Fine ArtDegree at Camberwell College of Art, University of the Arts London in 2013. Shortly after graduating I received a scholarship to study and work on the ‘Above and Below Ground’ project in Siena, Italy alongside Mark Dione and Amy Yoes.  Moving to Bristol in 2014, I became a member of BV and Spike Island print studios. In 2016 I became an Artist network member with the Royal West of England Academy and in 2022 was elected as a member for the Royal Society of Sculptors.