17: Green Lichen Forms

I am inspired by lichens that grow on trees and rocks. Lichens are affected by air pollution and are indicators of clean air. The ceramic forms I have made show the tangible effects of air pollution on lichens. The series starts with green forms covered in lichen-effect glazes, becoming gradually darker with fewer lichens until they are eventually black and barren. 

Complete Collection = £3,500

Also sold individually;

extra small = £35 each (9 available)
small = £56 each (18 available)
medium = £112 each (7 available)
large = £350 each (4 available)

Linda Bloomfield

About Linda

I first learned pottery as a child at a class in Bristol where my family lives. I later set up a pottery studio in London making porcelain tableware. Having had a previous career in science, I have become a glaze expert and have written several books on glazes, as well as teaching glaze workshops.   I have recently started making ceramic sculpture and received a grant from the Making Waves Trust which enabled me to do a residency in Denmark last year. I have since been making more sculptural pieces inspired by fungi and lichen, which I exhibited in group exhibitions at The National Centre for Craft and Design and Ceramic Art London.