18: Universal Life Force

About Universal Life Force

Black stoneware

This stele of black stoneware clay has a base which abstractly represents decay, with representations of twigs, fallen strobile, catkins, birch and alder leaves together with moss. The front face has a single central vertical coloured line representing the essential life force, and on the reverse, line representations of alder bark. Stele have been used to commemorate and mark events since prehistoric times. Just as primal peoples made sense of the world through visual metaphors linking their experiences, this symbolic memorable piece which complements its surroundings and acts as a memorial to mark the annual resurgence of life force, growth and hope in both the natural and spiritual world.

Price £3,500

Fiona Matthews

About Fiona

Fiona is relatively new to ceramics following another career. She is now working with and being tutored by internationally recognised ceramic sculptor Sandy Brown and has recently completed a period with the Newlyn School of Art mentoring group. She Lives in North Devon.

Fiona Matthews