19: Vesna (from the Tendril Series) 

About Vesna 

Stoneware clay 

A “mother” plant and a series of “daughters”. Connectivity is displayed in the shape of the form, with arched and twisted strands reaching out for a connection and grasping onto other matter.  Some strands creep out and create contact with the ground to stimulate new growth, like a parent plant propagating a series of smaller daughters through plant runners.  A sense of movement is created through the twisting of the red strands, which suggests the piece is still growing. 

Jane Yarnall 

Price £575 Mother piece only £400 


Jane Yarnall

About  Jane 

Jane has an MA (distinction) in Ceramics from Bath Spa University and was one of just a few graduates selected in 2020 by the Crafts Council for their Future Edit.   Prior to studying ceramics she obtained an MSc in bioinformatics, and has a keen interest in genetic protein forms, which has influenced a lot of her artwork.