20: Construction for Night Ray

Rather than attempting to create sculptures that are of a subject I prefer to work from a collected dynamic of materials that inspires one towards a subject. It is here that the Sense of Place is a significant factor. When the viewer is casting an eye on the construction in such a way that they are looking for the clues that tell them how the object is establishing, growing into, redefining and being taken apart by the surrounding environment they are then inevitably drawn to cast this gaze back upon themselves.



About MK

I am an Artist and Musician based in Totnes for the last twenty years. I grew up on the edge of Exmoor. My Artistic practice incorporates painting, sculpture, performance and the written word. I have exhibited here in Totnes as well as Exeter, Bristol, Liverpool, London and Brighton. My work primarily, but tentatively, sits in the bracket of non-represenational abstraction. It touches upon the strongest tenet of my practice, that being that meaning is in no way as important as engagement.