21: Lineage 

About Lineage  

Sandstone and copper wire 

My work is heavily influenced by the beauty of my natural surroundings and often combines symmetry, patterns, and textures that can be found throughout the natural world. In “Lineage” I explore these patterns and textures and have created a sculpture that can be interpreted as either flora or fauna yet familiar or alien by nature. “Lineage” consists of three sandstone spheres that are connected by umbilical trunks or shoots finished with copper wire. Each sphere is individual by design, but conversely sports reoccurring elements which are present in another. “Lineage” is a symbolic representation of how nature reproduces, mutates, and improves an unstoppable innate force that connects all life.

James Shaw 

Price £3300  


James Shaw

About James 

I began drawing around the age of four and have been unable to switch off my imagination ever since.  Having honed my skills in design and illustration, I have explored and experimented with an extensive range of mediums, including wood, stone, metal, glass, ceramics, and bronze. The natural world provides the inspiration and impetus for my creative process. I like to start with a fundamental idea, then, while working, allow spontaneity to take the reins. This fuels an internal synergistic, dynamic, and innovative flow, leading me in directions I would not have discovered through conventional thought, design, or linear application.