21: Picnic

The objects can be thought of as representing a family or a group of friends having a picnic and simply enjoying the gardens. The key theme of this piece is the idea that places are made important by the people who love, care about, and look after them. The stripes on the cubes echo the patterns that identify electronic resistors but are purely decorative like “go faster stripes” (or perhaps what every fashionably attired cube should have this year?). The stripes on the legs however encode real information and can be deciphered.


John Elliot

About John

The core of my work is sculpture. Ideas from popular science and technology are often starting points for my work. I’m particularly interested in the idea that objects can exist like physical snapshots or moments frozen in time, inviting the viewer to participate and imagine the surrounding moments like three dimensional, cargo cult manifestations of Edward Muybridge’s photographs updated for a sci-fi age. I live in Devon with my partner and our three children.