24: Chatter

The arboretum, its tranquillity and its wildlife have always made an impression on me and I
used this to capture it in this group of bird forms, they are raised slightly off the ground to
lose the solidity of an anchor point. I use found, reclaimed and repurposed timber that has
been charred, oiled and waxed, the processes I use will also respond and respect the
environment in which they are situated.

Reclaimed and reused wood.

90 x 55 x 40cm


Katherine Anstead

Born and raised in Devon, I completed my bachelor’s (BA) degree in Sculpture at Wimbledon School of Art. After a postgraduate qualification, I pursued a career in Stonework Conservation on the Sculptures and fabric of many Cathedrals, churches, and historic properties in the south and west of England.

Following a break to relocate back to Devon to raise a family, I have re-engaged with my sculptural practice and am now undertaking a master’s degree (MA) in Fine Art at the Arts University Plymouth.
My sculpture is evolving into a multi-material practice, where relating my pieces to place is proving important, in particular our relationship with present landscapes and our physical presence on it. The formation of my work is now taking a holistic approach where the subject, material and context combine, using a balance of literal and abstract imagery, to provide a structure on which I can develop my sculptural forms.
Instagram @kate_anstead .