24: House on Fire

Built in situ in response to the gardens, the ladders represent imaginary stairways of spiritual ascension, escape, dreams and hope. Dysfunctional ladders refer to precarious lives, the endless human cycle of striving, greed, suffering and waste. Are we all offenders given the state of our world today? Originally created in my Residency in the Victorian Cells at Town Hall Arts, 2019, later expanded as an installation spanning 3 floors of B-Wing, Shepton Mallet Prison.


Fiona Campbell

About Fiona

I am an artist and educator, based in Somerset. I am passionate about art and environment. My work spans sculpture, drawing, and installation. Rooted in the no-on of life’s interconnectedness, cycles, energy, transformation, there is a message of sustainability. My use of recycled, found and discarded materials relates to waste, our relationship with matter, nature, and ourselves.