25: Standing Stones l & ll

About Standing Stones l & ll

Black stoneware clay

They reflect the quiet solitude and peace of the Arboretum and the sense of purpose and renewal I felt after visiting the gardens. I experienced a strong reconnection with my own inner strength and came away feeling restored; my resilience renewed, my spirit revived and my energy boosted. I left the gardens with a wonderful feeling of well-being and a resurgence of hope for the future.

It is this energy that I felt in the gardens, to regenerate and restore the spirit, which is reflected in these Standing Stones through their visual presence. The powerful black surfaces and robust rectangular forms, and the strong lines of mark-making and protruding elements on the surface, all reflecting the power of the gardens to create harmony and balance. Pairing the two sculptures together reinforces their presence, mirroring that of the gardens and the birch and alder trees.


Standing Stone l £919.50

Standing Stone ll £1261

As a pair £1950

Sue Rossiter

About Sue

After a 20 year period working in the corporate sector, in 2008 Sue moved to North Devon and took up a Ceramics degree, graduating from the University of Plymouth College, Petroc in 2012 with a distinction. She went on to set up her ceramics practice in 2013.

Sue Rossiter