25: Synergy 

About Synergy  

‘Synergy’ is inspired by the Flavoparmelia caperata, or Common Green Shield, variety of lichen.  This lichen can be found growing in abundance within the landscapes of Dartmoor and Cornwall, particularly on the trees, ancient standing stones and sacred sites of Northern Europe.  Lichen is symbiotic – two or more life forms living in mutually beneficial union. This symbiosis symbolises the relationship our ancestors had with the land. They were once living in harmony with the land, in a symbiotic and nurturing relationship. The lichen has become a metaphor for how we could be living more sustainably – to instigate unconditional reciprocity with the land on which we walk. The term synergy comes from the Attic Greek word synergos, meaning “working together” – the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or elements to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. 

‘Synergy’  sits gently within the landscape, honouring its surroundings.  The design is adapted from original lichen drawings, cut in copper, and then hammered, textured, and manipulated using ancestral metalwork techniques that date back to the Bronze Age.  The copper will patinate over time, changing colour in response to the environment in which it is situated. 

Abigail Brown

Price £4660 Site specific installations from £3000 

Abigail Brown

About Abigail 

Abigail has been an exhibiting artist Silversmith for many years, exhibiting her silverware at prestigious venues around the UK and internationally, including the V&A and the Saatchi gallery.   

She bridges the gap between the applied and fine arts divide by developing her ‘Lichen Symbiosis’ Collection into sculpture and installations that address the relationship between the history of the ancient sites of Northern Europe, relationship to the land and climate change. In this short film Abigail shares insights from her award winning Lichen Collection.  

This exhibition is Abigail’s first opportunity as an emerging Sculptor.