25: Young Fox

Cold cast iron on oak base.

27 x 32 x 18cm


Lucy d'Auvergne

Animals have been a lifelong passion and I have explored other species professionally as a film maker, conservationist (MSc, PhD), behaviour consultant (MSc), and artist across 30 years. During this time, I’ve been privileged to work with a diverse range of species from great apes to otters, big cats to red foxes, and many domestic animals. I love to get beneath the surface of an animal – understand what makes each one ‘tick’ as a unique being – and through my sculpture I strive to capture something of the energy and movement of that individual in its natural state.
Through capturing something of the ‘essence’ of an individual animal through clay, I hope to spark interest, curiosity, and a deeper appreciation of other species. Regardless of whether it’s a domestic dog or a wild leopard, the individuality – the personality – of each subject is important to me.
I create limited edition pieces, private commissions, and one-off portraits of cherished companion