26: Belly 

About Belly

Foraged Devon clay, stoneware, Thames glaze, wood ash glaze, porcelain. 

I dig my own clay from parks and ponds around the UK, with most of my clay coming from a pond in Mid Devon. Using this material comes from a need to connect to my environment and nature, as well as a way to challenge consumerist conventions through sourcing my own materials. Using foraged materials, my work grows from the ground, like a garden in spring, untidy and in motion, the pieces are in constant collaboration with nature. I often base my works forms on plant life found at my clay digging locations and draw scribbly scratches into the surface, adding detail and layers to the convoluted forms. The vessel like forms are a nod to the rich history of women and vessels, the first tool ever made. Women invented the vessel in prehistoric times to bring food home, to bring energy home. The women built vessels built societies and sustained them. These works are a celebration of that craft. My work articulates the theme of connectivity through connecting to nature and connecting to an overlooked history of women and vessels. 

Cecily Loveys Jervoise 

Price Hanging symbols. £28 – £42 

Hanging smaller pots: £125 – 140 

Larger pots on the ground are £180 – 220 


Cecily Loveys Jervoise

About Cecily 

I was born and grew up in Devon. I have a BA(Hons) Fine Arty and Art History from the Kingston School of Art London. (2020). I have been exhibiting since 2019. I have been published in Ambigo Magazine (2022). I am an arts facilitator.