27: Memoria Siliqua Una  (Memory seed one) 

About Memoria Siliqua Una  (Memory seed one) 

The idea 

Keziah visited Stone Lane Garden and listened to the memories of nine people, ‘sitters’ , who have known it over the years. 

The Process 

Each of these ‘sitters’ chose a pod of clay that suited their hands and impressed their fingers into its surface.  Keziah then worked the form in a free flow sculpting process as they talked. Each took a clay cast of the bark of a tree or texture from the garden that they particularly loved.  Keziah of these conversational forms and created them on a much larger scale, utilising the texture pressings upon the surface. Transcriptions of the conversations were transcribed, printed and placed inside both forms. Each burned out  and embedded in the form as the clay went through the kiln. The surface textures are intended to catch the moss, seeds. To become home for lichen to grow and birds to drink from the inevitable pools of collected rain water. It sits upon a charred and blackened Birch tree root from the garden. 

After firing several handfuls of birch and Alder tree seeds from the gardens were placed inside, to germinate again when the piece eventually collapses.  

Keziah Burt  

Price £3570  Also available in bronze: price on application


Keziah Burt

About Keziah 

I have First Class Degree in Fine Art Sculpture and a Masters in Art and Design from LUSAD. I am a secondary school art teacher, a commissioned artist and a Mum. My career has been mainly as a figurative sculptor with portrait sitters including a commission to sculpt the Queen for the National Army Museum for the Platinum Jubilee. However, my own practice, when not working on portrait commissions, is much more abstract. My focus has always been to explore human connections to each other and the natural world through touch. I create bespoke conversation pieces in ceramic and bronze for clients but have not previously worked on this scale.