28: 8 million 

About 8 million 

Charred and stained Cornish oak, varnished steel 

8 Million is a “totem” of climate change.” In 2021, wildfires, hurricanes & storms wreaked havoc in forests around the world. Charred, damaged and blown down trees, scorched earth the only remaining evidence of once verdant and thriving ecosystems. Rising temperatures and the consequent extreme weather conditions are severely challenging and damaging the intricate and fragile connectivity within the biosphere. In the UK, the winter storms of 2021/22 took a terrible toll. Arwen arrived in November and more recently Dudley and Eunice, reportedly 8,000,000 trees were lost or damaged. “Climate change affects everything from geopolitics to economies to migration. It shapes cities, life expectancies and wine lists” (Economist Climate Issue). It is all connected.  

Christopher Chandler 

Price £3250 


Christopher Chandler

About Christopher  

Originally from Guernsey, Christopher worked as a chartered accountant until he was 49 when he went to Plymouth College of Art & Design, graduating with a BA 1st Class Honours in 2005. After graduating he moved to France, where he lived and worked until 2017, exhibiting his work in galleries and at art fairs throughout France. He moved to Cornwall in 2018.