28: Dart II

A view of the River Dart, looking upriver from Ashprington with Dartmoor’s rolling hills forming the backdrop. It is carved from a discarded piece of Portland stone and the oak plinth comes from the naval dockyard in Plymouth.  Looking upriver, with a big tree in the foreground, The Dart is below as it winds through the valley with ancient Totnes in the distance, and Dartmoor as the backdrop.The work relates to the sense of the peace and connectedness that I feel with The Dart, from it’s source on  Dartmoor, through my home town Totnes, to the sea. 

£1040.00 including plinth

Anne Henriksen

About Anne

South Devon has been my home since 1991, and I raised my family here. I studied metalwork at Plymouth College of Art and Design, before discovering my love of stone carving later in life. As a single parent I worked as a taxi driver, which lead me to drive all over the South Hams and beyond, meeting and helping local people, and deepening my connections with the community.