29: Tread 51° 10’ 40”N, 2° 24’ 51” W

This sculpture is cast in the very place from where it originated. The action of the tractor pressing its weight into the mud temporarily changes the shape and surface of the ground. Co-existence of place and object in a particular time and location is shown in this sculpture. Chance and opportunity are factors and the ordinary, familiar, and largely unnoticed is here inflated to culture. The natural world is referenced by using a tractor – the archetypal mechanical workhorse in countryside farming practices which becomes material and subject. The tractor is a mammoth, noisy and unwieldy machine that impacts the ground by making indentations in it. I am reversing this forceful impact into a visually aesthetic object that will lie in a peaceful natural environment.


Juliet Duckworth

About Juliet

I live and work in rural Somerset, between Bruton and Frome and gained a First-Class Honours BA degree from Bath Spa University in 2020. I regularly show my artworks in solo and group exhibitions in the South-West in private galleries and Somerset Arts Weeks. I am a multi-media artist whose work shows concern with temporality, preservation and regeneration.  My practice deals with materiality, scale and physical process, while exhibiting interest in the topography of the earth’s surface.