30: Wild Chairs

About Wild Chairs

Wooden chairs seamlessly clad in silver birch bark

Wild Chairs takes its inspiration from the luscious forests around Exeter and the surrounding gardens themselves. Standing reverently amid separate groves of trees, they reflect and interact with the surrounding landscape they are nestled in. The chairs, which are veneered with bark, give the impression that they have regrown it themselves. They offer the viewer a moment of rest and recovery, inviting them to sit down and meditate upon the beauty of their surroundings.

Price £750 each

Eamon Broderick

About Eamon

Eamon is a Fine Art: Sculpture graduate who attended the University of Brighton. He is a keen woodworker. His pieces celebrate the versatility of wood as a material, its evocative textural qualities, and how fundamental it is to people and our environments.

Eamon Broderick