31: Our sanctuary is now 2019 – 2022 

About ‘Our Sanctuary Is Now’ 2019-2022 

Iron oxide and earth on recycled aluminium, sealed ash stretchers with birch wood, birch bark peel, felt, rubber, black clay, concrete, natural oils, wax, rubber, recycled steel and wool 

‘Our sanctuary is now’ acts as a portal, connecting to the energy and wisdom of the trees and the soil below in order to sense a better understanding of our relationship to them. In removing hierarchy of materials within our sculpture we allow for multiple relationships to circulate and equal agency amongst them, one that only makes sense when they are connected. For example the supporting role of the birch to the wool and vice versa communicates a chain of connections in the responsibility of one to another in order to form a larger ecosystem for all to heal, revive and thrive.   

Through the materials used, parallels to human nature are intentionally triggered, connections made. In recognition and tactility a revision of what we know intuitively begins. This opens a quest for our own material significance posing a question about human superiority, removing it even if for a moment. Breaking a habitual pattern of superiority plants a seed for change. 

Ema Mano Epps and Jyoti Bharwani 

Price £5525 


E Mano Epps & J Bharwani 

About Ema and Jyoti 

Ema and Jyoti graduated from Central St Martin’s in the 1990’s. Both have a First Class honours in MA Fine Art from the City and Guilds London Art School, 2021. Their collaborative work has been exhibited and publicised.  The duo is currently showing at the ‘Silver Linings’ paintings at Croydon Art Space, and prior to that partnered with Walworth Gardens Charity. Ema founded Platform 1 Gallery and Jyoti founded Paint Spaces Gallery. Together they founded Tracing Earth Collective and for the second year running they continue to give talks and workshops under the title: ‘Sustainability in an art practice’. 

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