32: Post Henge

About Post Henge 

Plaster and soil matter 

Each sculpture was created in the void left behind when wooden fence posts were removed from the ground in a field. The poured wet plaster captured the architecture of the space, the surface of the wood and the soil encasing it. Connections are made between the physical effort needed when digging these forms out of the ground, after the plaster had hardened, and the original endeavour needed to drive them in for their former purpose as an enclosure. 

Juliet Duckworth

Price £2000  


Juliet Duckworth

About Juliet 

I graduated from Bath Spa University in 2020 with a first-class Honours degree in Fine Art. Currently I am on the Emerge Incubator Studio Residency in Bath. I am a multi-disciplinary artist. My practice shows concern with temporality and topography of the earth’s surface. It deals with materiality, scale and physical process.