33: Pearls and Spirals 

About Pearls and Spirals 

Four 16mm round bars snapped and scrolled at the ends., galvanised and acid washed, with painted coloured spheres.  Pulling energy up from the earth and sucking it out of the space around. The energy is spiralling along and around the form activity seeking out each other. The sphere are a visual representation of points where connectivity is occurring. The repeating scrolls at the ends of each tentacle, a symbol that appears again and again in nature and so many cultures though out the world signifies “never ending” stretching and opening out into the world around. 

Georgina Richards 

Price £1700 


Georgina Richards

About Georgina 

I take a lot of inspiration from nature, trying to recreate some of the beauty that we see around us. I have worked in metal fabrication for many years and have a background in blacksmithing; I make commission pieces including gates, furniture, lighting, sculpture and other structures. I particularity like to make pieces that are for a specific location. I can get the energy and feel of the place to reflect in my work.