36: Memoria Siliqua Duae (Memory Seed two) 

About Memoria Siliqua Duae (Memory Seed two) 

‘Memoria Siliqua Duae’ sits upon a charred birch tree stump, surrounded by the grey ashen colour birch twigs from the garden. The vibrancy of the surface and textural application of the patina connects the abstract form and with the surroundings through the colours of the lichen’s species growing on the Birch bark. 

Keziah Burt  

Price £3,570  – Also available in bronze, price on application 


Keziah Burt

About Keziah 

I have First Class Degree in Fine Art Sculpture and a Masters in Art and Design from LUSAD. 

I have been working as a secondary school Art teacher and a commissioned artist for the past 10 years whilst raising my two children. My career has been mainly as a figurative sculptor with portrait sitters including a commission to sculpt the Queen for the National Army Museum for the Platinum Jubilee. However, my own practice, when not working on portrait commissions, is much more abstract. My focus has always been to explore human connections to each other and the natural world through touch. I create bespoke conversation pieces in ceramic and bronze for clients but have not previously worked on this scale.