36: Song to the Creator 2021

About Song to the Creator 2021 #1

Stainless steel and bronze on a solid oak plinth

We all go through many changes through our lives. Through great challenges and achievements, it is our unique journey and how we relate to it, is what makes us, us. Through this process, we evolve and grow and hopefully become better humans, not perfect, but better. This artwork – Song to the Creator, is about being totally wide open to the sometimes difficult and sometimes beautiful, process of regeneration and growth.

Carefully designed & forged to create beautiful sculpture.

Price on application

Andy Hopper

About Andy

Andy is a British Artist, Sculptor and Master Blacksmith who specialises in hot-forging bronze and stainless steel. Born in 1973 in London. He grew up absorbing himself with oil painting and sculpture. He is predominantly self-taught, but has been fortunate to work with some of the best.

He now lives and works in Dorset England, where his purpose built studio is located. He has won numerous accolades and received international acclaim. Notably he was awarded the highly prestigious Tonypandy Cup in 2014. He has held master classes in bronze forging both in England and at the Memphis Metal Museum, USA.

He has exhibited a small amount of times as privately commissioned work has taken centre stage for many years. “Working with heat with such malleable materials allows an amazing level freedom to create my artworks. I can engage with the metals on a very deep fundamental level.”

Andy Hopper