37: Abonos

About Abonos

Anaerobic soil conditions can preserve bog wood, or abonos, for thousands of years. Ash dieback, caused by a fungus which was accidentally introduced into the UK by humans, is projected to kill 80% of our ash trees. The sight of stands of this native tree lining the banks and hedgerows may soon be but a memory.

This house, grown like a fungus or excavated from beneath the earth, is a house of memory. Memory and last respects to the ash trees from which it was made, and a reminder that our legacy remains ever present with us, beneath our feet. It will outlast us, and sometimes, conveniently or not, may rise up to meet us.

It is a fragmentary house, a corroded memory, but it aligns with and completes itself with your participation- walk around it and see for yourself. The past requires our continuous participation and engagement to bring it out of forgetful, obfuscated murk, so it may exert a transformative influence on the present. This must be done if we are to leave a legacy we would wish to be remembered by.

Price £600

Layan Harman

About Layan

Layan is a recent fine arts graduate based in Buckfastleigh in Devon.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/aeonlung/?hl=en-gb

Layan Harman