37: Home Scar

A white sphere, the internal structure is made from locally sourced woven willow whips. The willow framework is coated in a layer of cob made from local materials, and the cob’s surface is rendered with lime mortar. An elliptical groove, a home scar, has been inscribed into the surface. The white render is burnished, giving it a slight sheen, apart from the elliptical indentation, which has been left slightly rough, and inoculated with locally occurring lichens. The spherical form of the sculpture symbolises the Earth, universe, or other spheres we inhabit, while the elliptical indentation represents a home scar. 



Jenny Ridgway

About Jenny

I’ve been living and making art in Devon for about 14 years. I hold a BA in Fine Art, and an MA in Contemporary Art Practice from Plymouth University. I make mainly site-specific, conceptual installations and human-scale sculptures with an emphasis on audience participation. I’ve also participated in several group shows in Plymouth, and Exeter, exhibiting textile installation, assemblage, and interactive sculptures.