38: Good Vibrations II

A sculpture that comes from a place of the unknown. I have always been drawn to complex forms and the process of not understanding how a particular stone sculpture is made. I set myself the challenge of trying to overcome this non-understanding and slowly the form of good vibrations appeared. This sculpture is a cube, with three interconnecting sides making up the six sides. The form appears fluid and geometric, with the sculpture changing form as it is walked around and viewed from different angles. It is positioned on an axis to allow the viewer to see how the light shines through the stone, creating an ever-changing appearance.


On the left (Currently exhibited at Stone Lane Gardens) = Good Vibrations II, made from Kilkenny Limestone.

On the right = Good Vibrations, made from Portland Stone. Although this piece (which we had on display here in the garden at the start of this year’s exhibition) has now been sold, please get in touch if are interested in purchasing another in the white Portland stone, as it can be made to order with an approximate lead time of 3 to 4 weeks.

Hamish Holman

About Hamish

I am a Fine Art sculpture graduate from Bristol UWE (2007). I have been working with stone for about 15 years. Growing up on a working farm on rural Dartmoor has been the backbone behind my fascination with stone and its properties. Studying geology to A level, and a deep-rooted curiosity in the natural world, my work has many links to geometry and the diversity of natural form. I am a currently a self-employed stonemason, and run my own small business. Working with stone is my longstanding passion and I have always used traditional techniques such as hammer and chisel which to me, demonstrate the most primitive of techniques used to carve, shape and form objects.