38: Untitled

About untitled

Natural timber, metal and wire

Imagine slice of the earth from under the ground around the trees, containing the tangled networks of roots and mycorrhizal fungi that support them, removing the soil to reveal just the networks. This piece is communicating something about this intriguing and hidden world. It  encourages a connection with and respect for the intelligence of nature. 

Isla Chaney 

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Isla Chaney

About Isla 

I have a Masters from the Royal College of Art. My experience as an artist and a gardener each inspires and enriches the other. I have made a variety of pieces for public spaces from site specific installations that interact with and are shaped by the surrounding environment, to those that sit independently within it. My work often centres on the internal architecture of things,  focusing on patterns of growth and transformation inherent to all natural phenomena, making intriguing  structures that are deliberately ambiguous and invite contemplation on the interconnectedness of all life.