39: Nodes 

About Nodes  

Steel wire, epoxy, polyurethane. 

Two humanoid figures consisting of connecting elements and connected to each other; the figures are connected to each other by soft, flexible bonds but internally, the connections are more rigid and permanent. The intention is to suggest the presence in our makeup that is both fluid and organic but also structural, chemical and physical, simultaneously uniform and inhomogeneous. 

David Dixon 

Price £550 


David Dixon

About David 

Most of my working life up to 2016 was spent being a research scientist, examining the behaviour of materials and interfaces. I have been an associate artist at 44AD Artspace in Bath since 2020 where some of my sculptures have appeared in their online exhibitions. My paintings have been exhibited in shows at 44AD Artspace and members’ exhibitions of the Bath Royal Scientific and Literary Institution. My first solo exhibition of paintings and sculptures in planned for later this year at 44AD.