40: False Start

About False Start

Concrete, polypropylene fibre and cement

Here he is attempting to use concrete in a light and flexible way. The form resembles a flower bud, or an emerging plant part of which has made a ‘false start’, echoing the false starts we have made as we aspire to move on from COVID. The cylindrical shape of the structure responds to the tree trunks surrounding it, and the ridged, textured surface draws a link with the tree bark. The colours reflect those of vibrant spring flowers, and the surrounding nature. His use of springs represents potential energy, and the ability to bounce back.

Price £1800

Guy Batten

About Guy

Guy is a young sculptor from Cornwall. He works mainly in steel and concrete, creating works inspired by Cornwall’s rich industrial and mining heritage. The story of the county’s shift away from mining is all about regeneration and environmental recovery. It is the combination and juxtaposition of natural and manmade materials and surfaces that he finds very exciting. He likes to include a kinetic element in his sculptures, by supporting concrete using springs, or using flexible metal parts that respond to the wind. He has work installed in public spaces as well as in private gardens and accepts commissions.

Guy Batten