43: Ed Hill

‘Recycling metal into bespoke art’ – Ed Hill

The work celebrates the wonder that animals bring to life. For
anyone new to my sculptures they are realistic representations and I
pay particular attention to their sense of movement, form and
behaviour. I love to connect with the beauty of creation.

I recycle because second-hand metal is an abundant material that I
can find in many places, it also introduces a positive narrative of
renewal and intrigue. The metal is sourced from Plymouth and surrounding South Devon. I
use a lot of cutlery and domestic wares from charity shops, as well as
scrap steel from industrial units, farms and bike shops.

Wren on fork £150 (displayed on stand-alone plinth)

Iridescent dragonfly £150 (displayed on ‘Dove of Peace’ plinth)

Bird on Bulrush £350 (fixed in the ground)

Dove of Peace £900 (displayed on plinth)


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Ed Hill

About Ed

All my materials are sourced from Plymouth and surrounding South Devon. So, you never know, the cutlery you dropped off at the charity shop might just have been transformed into a work of bespoke art. Just as no two spoons are the same, no two works are the same. I hope you will see this beauty in my sculptures.

People ask me how do I get the ideas? They form bilaterally, whilst on my walks appreciating the wildlife, and working closely with the second-hand metal I use. I am grateful for the beautiful surroundings that the South Hams offers, near my gallery and workshop.

Ed Hill

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