43: Ribbon in the Sky

Reclaimed mild steel.

290 x 125cm.


Spencer Field-Larcombe

Informed by more than 25 years of experience, Spencer Larcombe, an award-winning blacksmith produces an astonishing variety of products. From bespoke Gates and Railings to balconies, Stair rails, sculpture and Public Artwork. He endeavors to use his unique creative approach on each individual project.

Blackswan Forge situated in South Devon, Spencer and his forge are situated in the idyllic location of Harberton, near to Totnes. This is where Spencer brings his creations to life. Having a passion for wild and organic forms which surround Blackswan Forge.

Here at Blackswan Forge, Spencer hot forges metals such as steel, iron, brass and copper often combining hard wood and glass into designs. As an Artist Blacksmith he strives to produce work which is both innovative and contemporary, using traditional forging techniques and taking them into the future.